The designs cut into the stones vary widely. Almost anything you can imagine can be designed for a monument from emblems, national symbols, religious icons, flowers, or characters. Our graphic design team has the knowledge, experience, and creativity to create the graphics you want. Since graphic design has became digital our staff will be able to help you with any images you may want incorporated into graphics for your monument. Give us a call and speak to our graphic design professionals today to find out the capabilities of designing your monument.


On black granite, etched images are created using various techniques to produce very fine detailed artwork on the granite. You can have any design such as portraits, figures, flowers, landscapes, unique scenes, and collages created in high detail. Often the images are of people and using computerized technologies, turn out very life like. In order to create these images photographs are scanned in electronically and an artist transforms the images to the stone by being placed under a special machine that applies slight from a diamond tipped needle to the stone surface. Etchings are so subtle they can barely be felt with your fingertip, yet are permanent in the stone's surface. 


Carving - Simple sandblasting produces flat sandblasted lines in the granite.  Sandblasted designs are used for creating letters and most other design elements on a typical monument.

Lettering - The standard lettering is sandblasted. Letters are cut from a template placed over the flat surface of the die.  The center of the area being sandblasted cuts deeper than the edges, creating a V-shape cut. 


We provide custom sawing and polishing various types of stones.  We have a diamond saw on site large enough to cut through the thickest stones.  The blade is 12 ft in diameter.  Our computerized polisher is able to get the perfect desired polish for your stone.